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Footwear: Ground Type Guide


Firm Ground (FG) / Multi Ground (MG/FxG)

Firm Ground (FG):

Boots are designed for use on Natural Grass only.

Every soccer player needs a pair of FG boots in their arsenal. Studs of the FG soles are fixed (not removable), either bladed or round (conical), and are the most used in the world for most of the year.

It is preferable not to use them on carpet-style turf or first generation artificial turf with sand and rubber infill as they are not compatible with the additional friction; the hard TPU Sole Plate and longer studs can also cause injury and discomfort.

Multi Ground (MG/FxG):

Very similar to FG boots, but they feature a mix of round (conical) and bladed studs to create a unique grip that works great for those who often switch between fields.

*Using an FG outsole on surfaces other than natural grass increases the probability of the studs breaking or wearing down and the separation of the upper from the sole plate; therefore we cannot guarantee the customer will be able to avail themselves of the manufacturer’s product exchange warranty.

Note: Some styles are offered as "FG/AG" and "FG/MG"


Artificial Ground (AG)

Artificial Ground boots, just like MG boots, are for use on Natural Grass and Artificial Grass (turf).

AG boots are becoming harder to come by as brands make more and more Multi Ground boots. The only difference is that AG boots only have circular studs, while MG boots have a mixture of circular and bladed studs.

The characteristics of these types of surfaces (3G rubber crumb or 4G longer pile, combination of rubber/sand infill, more closely resembling actual grass) is enough a sole with more studs and densely concentrated to facilitate the grip on the ground and reduce the ankle problems.

They can also vary in height for better traction and / or hollowed out to reduce weight and improve cushioning.

AG shoes can also be used on firm grounds (FG), although performance will depend on how dry and solid the grass is.

Note: Some styles are offered as "FG/AG" and are listed under our Firm Ground Category


Soft Ground (SG)

Soft Ground boots are for use on soft, muddy natural grass fields.

They have metal detachable studs and are often what many consider “metal soccer cleats.” It is a common misconception that these are not permitted in games; however, this is simply not the case. SG boots should be supplementary to your Firm Ground or Multi Ground cleats as super soft natural grass fields are not commonly found. They are not recommended for use on Artificial Grass or Turf.

If you do have these, make sure to tighten them before each use, or you may lose a stud!


Turf (TF/TT)

Turf boots are for use on, you guessed it, Artificial Turf.

There are more studs on a turf shoe than on any other soccer shoe which eliminate pressure on individual studs. The studs are also much shorter than FG, MG, AG and SG cleats since turf requires less stud penetration. The sole plates are typically made from rubber and not hard TPU, like all the other cleats. The rubber sole plate and cushioned midsoles are less taxing on joints, making artificial turf shoes more comfortable for older players.

The use of other types of boots soles on turf is not recommended, just as the use of TF boots on natural grass grounds is not recommended.


Futsal/Indoor/Court (IN/IC/IT)

Indoor Court shoes are great for gym floors, hardwood, and even concrete. 

Indoor soccer shoes have a gum rubber flat outsole. This outsole is perfect for hard court surfaces used to play indoor soccer or futsal. These have a lower profile fit and look like a lightweight sneaker, so you can even wear these casually on the street.

This is the only style of shoe that should be used on flat court surfaces. They will also not provide enough traction for use on turf or grass surfaces.


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